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Major Victory for Team KLDSA in Singapore Far East DanceSport Challenge

Team KLDSA trained by Chua & Evon from MY DanceSport Academy

Team KLDSA participated in the Annual 2016 Far East DanceSport Challenge in Far East Plaza Singapore. It is a major and promising victory for the team as well as owner of MY DanceSport Academy- Chua & Evon. There are a large number of new competitors participating in this competition, it may be small but it is giving them a great opportunity to try their skills on the dance floor for the first time. "They are showing positive progress, in fact, most of the newcomers actually won Gold Medals on their first try", according to Mr. Chua.

It is definitely a major victory for team KLDSA when they have secured 15 Golds, 9 Silver and 10 Bronze Medals. These positive is able to boost the new athletes confidence in this new sport, as for the older athletes, this competition served as training background for them to either experiment their new moves or to maintain their competition mood before any major competition. This can be seen with both couples representing Malaysia for the World Youth Latin in Riga, Latvia - Danny & Kelly and Chin Yee & Chi Yew.

Group picture with WDSF Secretary General- Mr Shawn Tay and Wife, Gladys Tay. (From Left): Chua Zjen Fong, Shawn Tay, Gladys Tay, Evon Chong

This competition was organized by Shawn and Gladys Dance World in Singapore as an effort to promote DanceSport in the local community as well as bonding a better relationship with neighboring countries and counter parts like Malaysia & Vietnam. This method is indeed a very good idea to get the public to understand about DanceSport better, perhaps KLDSA would consider organizing the same competition Kuala Lumpur.

To Watch KLDSA Athletes in Action, Please visit KLDSA Youtube Link HERE for more videos:

Or Copy this link here:

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