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About the Course

Leadership is generally defined as a process of influence. A coach's leadership style, then, comprises the behavioural processes that a coach uses to influence his or her athletes

Indeed, experimental learning is central to coach development. However, it is very different from learning from experience. Generally, sports coaches are powerful role models and leaders of their athletes, team brand and community. As a result, coaches play a multifaceted role in the life of athletes. It's a role that goes beyond merely teaching the tenets of a sport. Instead, a coach must be able to properly manage and organise a sports program where they combine a number of elements including the following components:

· Ethics and Philosophy
· Injury Prevention and Safety
· Tactics and Sports Skills
· Teaching and Communication
· Growth and Development
· Administration and Organisation
· Evaluation

What are the Topics Covered?

• Introduction in sports coaching leadership
• The role of sports coach
• Coaching leadership
• Coaching leadership tips
• Coaching gender differences
• Variation in coaching leadership
• Leadership lessons

Sports Coaching and Leadership


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3 Jan 2022

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