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About the Course

In this course, all participants will be taught about the basic sports science knowledge conducted by skilled and experienced instructors (theory and practical). This course is suitable for coach, health and fitness practitioner or anyone with or without basic sports science background who interested in gaining and improving his/her knowledge about sports science. Sports science knowledge is very important these days to help improving athletes or ourselves comprehensively.

What are the Topics Covered?

(a) Sports Philosophy
(b) Sports in Malaysia
(c) Coaching Competency
(d) Anatomy and Physiology
(e) Sports Nutrition
(f) Sports Psychology
(g) Physical Conditioning
(h) Motor Behavior
(i) Biomechanics
(j) Sports Medicine
(k) Anti-Doping

Sports Science Course - Level ll


RM 300


6 days

New Intake

23 May 2022

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