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KLDSA Membership Application

Duty and Right as KLDSA athlete:

  1. Athletes should always register all WDSF sanctioned competitions via KLDSA.

  2. If you have any complaints, please write or email to KLDSA (

  3. All KLDSA athletes should comply with the team leader/team coach's instruction at all local or oversea competition and trainings.

  4. All KLDSA athlete are eligible to attend all events/functions organized by KLDSA and MYDF affiliates .

  5. Effective from 1st January 2018 any KLDSA athlete that are entitled for sponsorship will be required to sign an agreement with KLDSA to protect the interests of the athletes, association and sponsor. Any athlete whom failed to uphold the condition of the agreement will be required to refund all sponsorship paid on behalf of him/her.

  6. KLDSA athletes nominated for the following championships or games are entitled for flight reimbursement/sponsorships
    - WDSF World Latin / Standard
    - WDSF World 10 Dance
    - WDF World Youth Latin / Standard
    - WDSF World Youth 10 Dance
    - WDSF World Junior l Latin / Standard
    - WDSF World Junior 10 Dance
    - WDSF Asia Pacific Championship
    - WDSF Asian Championship
    - Asian Games
    - Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Game
    - South East Asian Games 

      - ASEAN University Games

      - Youth Asian Games

      - Olympic Games

All existing active KLDSA athletes are entitle for 1 FREE or SUBSIDISED workshop per year by Local/Foreign Trainer.

Registration Procedure:

1. Click "Register" button 

2. Fill in full details, click individual (for athletes & judges)

3. Upload "Passport side photo" , "IC copy (front & back)", "Payment Receipt"

4. Send an email to notify 

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