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About the Course

The course is suitable for any sports professional that is keen to gain insights in sports nutrition, coaches that is seeking a knowledge that will be practical to apply for the athletes, students in sports and exercise programs, personal trainer that need the trusted information regarding sports nutrition application and not limited to whom ever that is involved within the sports performance organization.

What are the Topics Covered?

1. Body Composition Assessment
1.1. Anthropometric Measurements
1.2. Body Mass Index

2. Dietary Intake Assessment
2.1. Assessing Athlete’s Dietary Intake

3. Sports Nutrition Guidelines for age groups and Special population
3.1. Children and Adolescent Athletes
3.2. Adults Athletes
3.3. Nutrition for Special Population

4. Hydration Assessment
4.1. Hydration
4.2. Heat-Related Disorders
4.3. Fluids and Electrolytes for Hydration
4.4. Urine Markers
4.5. Self-Monitor Hydration Status

Cutting Edge: Sports Nutrition


RM 200


50 days

New Intake

3 Mar 2022

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