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KLDSA School DanceSport Program


- To introduce DanceSport in the local schools. Ranging from Primary, Secondary, Tertiary institutions. 
- To Promote DanceSport to the public and gain more interest among the younger generations about this sport.
- To find new talents and groom the next state and national team. 
- Talent Identification from grass root level.
- Talent transfer from other sports.


- Approval and support from Malaysia Ministry of Education (MOE)

- Support from the Malaysia DanceSport Federation (MYDF)

- Affiliated to the Ministry of Youth & Sports (KBS)

- Affiliated to the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF)

- Dancesport Asia (DSA)


- Athletes get to travel to many places for competition, workshops and etc

- Athletes get to meet a lot of friends from different states and countries.

- Athletes stand a chance to qualify for  the State and National team in the future.

- Athletes get lots of performance opportunities.

- Athletes may pursue this sport as their full time/ part time career in future.

- Fees are cheaper than ordinary studios outside. 

- Instructors are carefully monitored by KLDSA.

- The Imperial Society of Teacher's & Dance (ISTD) from UK is being used.

- Athlete is able to take the ISTD exam recognised by the British Government.


- SJKC Sentul, KL
- SJKC Chong Hwa, KL
- SJKC Mun Choong, KL
- SJKC Kheow Bin, KL
- SJKC Khai Chee
- SJKC Puay Chai 2
- SJKC Kepong 2
- SRI KL Primary School
- Garden International School (GIS)
- Sunway International School (SIS)
- Sekolah Menengah Sri KDU, Damansara
- Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, KL Main Campus
- HELP University College, Damansara Campus
- HELP University College, Subang Campus
- University Malaya (UM)


1. Please check if you are a student of any of the above schools
2. If YES, please call Ms Evon at 0143309201 to make an arrangement to join the class.


No worries.
1. Please Fill in the section below and our Team will try and get in touch with your school for possible collaboration.
2. Please inform the teacher in charge of your school that you wish to propose this program into the school curriculum activity list.
3. Please also include the contact number of the teacher in charge.

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