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Recognition by Jabatan Pendidikan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur - JPNKL

This Image is a property of Kuala Lumpur Dancesport Association - KLDSA

Jabatan Pembelajaran Wilayah Persekutuan had Approved and given their Support towards KLDSA to conduct "Dancesport" Program in all schools.

On top of that, the 1st KLDSA Malaysia Open Dancesport Championship will be supported by both MOE & JPNKL. This will be very beneficial to all primary & secondary school students!

Those students who made it into the finals where a certificate will be awarded to all finalists can be used to claim their curiculum points with JPNKL.

This is the first time JPNKL & MOE is supporting a National Dancesport Championship.

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