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News | Dancesport Asia (DSA) Supports MYDF Malaysia Ranking!

Chengdu | Dancesport Asia (DSA) has given their final stand and full support towards Malaysia Dancesport Federation (MYDF) for their upcoming 2020-2021 Ranking to select the best couples for the upcoming 2021 SEA Games in Vietnam, Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games in Thailand.

DSA support towards MYDF will greatly help and boost the standing and quality of Malaysian Dancesport. For many years, the never ending politics in Malaysia has hold the country's Dancesport back with greed of power and abuse of power from the top management. MYDF was formed to remove these so-called politics and greed driven groups where the development and interests of the sport in being focused at.

With DSA in placed and shifted to Chengdu recently, China has promised to execute a training plan to benefit the athletes in the Asian region and put all of us a notch higher than before.


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