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Report | Malaysia Breaking Athlete Finished Top 32 in WDSF Nanjing World Breaking Championship!

Nanjing | In the recent WDSF World Breaking Championship held in Nanjing, our fellow MYDF Breaking athlete a.k.a Legosam had successfully finished top 32 in the World Championship. His remarkable results has placed Malaysia Breaking in the World Map despite joining an official WDSF competition for the first time. The Malaysia DanceSport Federation (MYDF) & Kuala Lumpur DanceSport Association (KLDSA) had been working on this athlete registration and championship registration under a very tight schedule. "I want to thank to those who have been supporting me and encourage me to become who I am today. And also special thanks to MYDF and KLDSA for all the help they did behind to get me into this championship. Appreciate it a lot!" said Legosam when asked about who he wants to thank to for his success.

"For me this is the biggest competition I had ever join. Everything looked so different compared to all the other competition that i took part before. There was an amazing opening ceremony with Bboys walking on the red carpet and welcome dinner with all the contestants from all around the world. I mean, these were so fresh to me. For the competition part, I actually don’t really feel nervous at all, because I am proud enough to be able to compete with all the high level bboys on the same stage. So I just did my best in all my rounds and just enjoy dancing on the stage." said Legosam.

Legosam was ranked 20th out of 93 athletes all around the world. To view more about the results, please click here.

Watch Legosam in action here:

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