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KLDSA Wins Big in Melaka National Ranking

The Melaka Superstar Dancesport Championship was organized by Mr. Anthony Chua and Ms. Anita Tan from Melaka Dancesport Association (MDSA). This is the 2nd time MDSA had organized a national scale competition in Melaka, the last competition was in 2014.

Team DanceSport KLDSA won most of the events catching the attention of the local dance enthusiasts. Many recognizes the KLDSA athletes from far as they had proved their capability in previous national and international championships.

Mr. Chua Zjen Fong & Ms. Evon Chong turned out to be the 8th Undefeated National Latin Champion in a row as expected. They have also successfully secured the Malaysia Open Latin Champion title against Singapore & Vietnam couples.

Mr. Lam Hong Woh and Ms. Lim Dao Er resumed back their partnership after they ended their partnership in 4th quarter of 2015. Lam partnered Victoria Ng Jia Yi early this year and competed once in the KL National Ranking and won a Silver Medal. They ended their partnership after that championship due to other factors such as commitment levels and distances. Lam and Lim became 3rd in this competition as they were expected to be 2nd. They were 2nd in last year's Muar National Ranking. However, this could due to many reasons such as their performance on that day.

Mr Chua Zjen Thak and Ms Che Xin Nee came out 4th in this competition as they were expected to be in the top 3 as they were in the top 3 in KL early this year. Zjen suffered a leg injury during his practices and it could be the main reason of the outcome of this result. However, they managed to secure their top 2 ranking in the MYDF Grade A Latin National Ranking.

Both Chua & Evon and Zjen & Xin Nee were nominated to represent Malaysia for the 2016 World Latin in Chengdu, China. KLDSA will sponsor the full fare of the flight tickets for the 4 athletes to Chengdu.

The youth Ranking were safely secured by Danny & Kelly and Chin Yee & Chi Yew to be in the top 2 in MYDF Youth A Latin Section. Their nomination to the 2016 World Youth Latin in Riga, Latvia this year is confirmed and KLDSA is sponsoring 65% of the flight tickets to Riga for each athletes.

It is a great achievement for KLDSA this year as the 2 main World Events were nominated from KLDSA.

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