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Team DanceSport KLDSA Won 12 Golds in Taipei Open

22 Athletes from Kuala Lumpur Dancesport Association - KLDSA participated in the 2016 WDSF Taipei Open in Taiwan. This is an annual International Competition organised by Chinese Taipei DanceSport Federation President, Mr. Royce Yeh and his wife Mrs. Mary Yeh. The KLDSA Dancesport Team had won 12 Golds, 4 Silvers and 1 Bronze Medals.

This year, the main highlight event is the ADSF Asia Junior ll Championship. Only 2 top couples from each country were nominated to compete among with all other Asian countries. This event is being held by different organizers each year where The Asian Dancesport Federation is able to track the couples ranking all around Asia. This year, it is the Junior ll's turn to be ranked in Taipei. Among the 22 athletes, 8 were National Level athletes. They are Chua & Evon, Zjen Thak & Xin Nee, Lam & Dao Er and Danny & Kelly.

Benny Tan & Chloe Iu were the only Junior ll couples qualified into the Finals in the Asian Junior ll Latin, they ended 6th place among all other 20 couples from different Asian Countries. They are now officially the Top 6 Junior ll Latin Couple in Asia!

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