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Malaysia Enters Final for the First Time in Europe!

For the first time in Malaysia DanceSport History, Chua & Evon entered Finals in the Paris Open. They were placed 5th in the Rising Star Latin. 30 countries took part in this competition. There were 40 couples competing in the Rising Star Latin and Malaysia was placed 5th out of all 40 couples.

Malaysia is the only Asian Country took part in this competition where it was drawing lots of attention from the European crowd where they are not expecting any Asian couples to show up. Tonight, chua & Evon had put on an incredible performance and qualified themselves in the Final.

Along with the team members were Chua Zjen Thak & Che Xin Nee and the youth couple Yap Chin Yee & yap Chi Yew. Zjen & Xin Nee got into the 2nd round of the WDSF Open Latin where as the Yap siblings finished in the semi finals of the WDSF Youth Open Latin. It was a great achievement in overall.

We are looking forward for more good news from the group. After this, they will be heading to Holland and then to Vienna for another competition. We hope they can deliver more good news on their next competition.

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