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Eye On Malaysia DanceSport!

From Left: Eejohn, Grace, Xin Nee, Zjen Thak, Evon, Chua, Chi Yew, Chin Yee

Malaysia is one of the 3 Asian Countries that took part in the 2016 Austria Open and World 10 Dance Championship other than Hong Kong and Japan. Team DanceSport Malaysia has sent the largest National Team participating in European competitions by far. So far the team is making a very good impression and catching the attention of the European DanceSport scene.

Eejohn and Grace were the Malaysian representative in the WDSF 2016 World 10 Dance Championship.

Yap Chin Yee & Yap Chi Yew in Action!

Yap Chin Yee & Yap Chi Yew were the only Youth couple took part in the WDSF Open Latin & Standard. They made it into the 2nd round and were placed 43rd Place out of 64 couples. The duo were new in the Standard category. The duo were also nominated to represent Malaysia in the 2016 World Youth Latin in Riga, Latvia on 17 December 2016.

Chua Zjen Thak & Che Xin Nee in Action!

It is Zjen & Xin Nee's first European Competition in their Dance career. They too were new in the Standard category and competed in the Austrian Open Rising Star Standard. Other that that, they competed in the WDSF Open Latin and Austrian Open Rising Star Latin. "They have very strong and great potential, i believe they will be a very promising couple in the future" according to Mr Cees Boutkan from Netherlands.

Chua Zjen Fong & Evon Chong Doing their Cha Cha in the Semi Finals.

The greatest highlight for the team is when Chua & Evon made it into the Semi Finals of the AOC Rising Star Latin. They were placed 11th out of 52 Couples. Malaysia is the only Asian Countries took part in this event. They certainly caught the attention of the European DanceSport Scene. In the WDSF Open Latin, they were placed 48th Out of the 93 Couples.

Team DanceSport Kuala Lumpur in 2016 Austrian Open.

This is the first European Group trip for Team KLDSA and the team had achieved they came for. KLDSA is planning more trips for the State and National Team as part of the plan to improve the Dance level in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia.

Detailed Results can be found here

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