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Report | 4 Malaysian Youth Latin Entered Finals in Riga!

in 4th Place: Yap Chin Yee & Yap Chi Yew. In 6th Place Danny Tan & Kelly Tan

KLDSA done it again! A great opening for Team Malaysia where 2 KLDSA couples qualified for the Finals in the Riga Youth A Latin. It is a historic moment for Team Malaysia where they were the first Youth Couples to make it in the Finals in an European Championship. A second record broken within 2 months ever since Malaysia Grade A Latin Champion - Chua & Evon got into Finals in the Rising Star Latin in Paris Last Month. There were a total of 41 couples competing in the Youth A Latin. Malaysia was the only Asian Country took part in this event.

6 KLDSA athletes were nominated and represented Team DanceSport Malaysia in the 2016 Baltic Grand Prix featuring the WDSF World Youth Latin Championship. This is the first time Malaysia sent a team to participate in the World Youth Latin. There were a total of 44 countries took part, 3 of them were from Asia which were Singapore, Japan and Malaysia. Yap Chin Yee & Yap Chi Yew finished in 61st Place where as Danny Tan & Kelly Tan Finished in 64th Place. "It is their first experience and i believe they could do better the next time, , with the more training and with the current exposure, we will do better in the coming years. There have been a few additional training involved foreign trainers that has been proposed and added into the training program, i believe it will help boost the quality of DanceSport in Malaysia" said Chua whos is also the team leader and coach.

In the Under 21 Latin, the Yap siblings finished in 15th, just 2 more places to qualify for the Finals. The Tan siblings finished at 16th which is also just 3 more places to qualify for the finals. Singapore and Malaysia were the only 2 Asian countries took part in this event. Malaysia managed to beat the neighboring country in the fist round and qualify all the way to the Semi Finals.

For the WDSF Youth OPen Latin, our Malaysian youth managed to qualify for the 2nd round. Chin Yee & Chi Yew were in the 38th Place, Danny & Kelly were at 39th Place.

Find out their WDSF Youth Open Latin Detailed results HERE

Find out their WDSF World Youth Latin Championship Detailed results HERE

The Malaysian Grade A Latn Champion took part in 2 events, which were the Rising Star Latin and WDSF International Open Latin. The duo finished in the semi finals in the Rising Star Latin and were placed at 7th, which were just 1 more place to qualify for the finals. In the WDSF International Open Latin, Chua & Evon managed to skipped the Redance Round and qualified straight for the 2nd round. "Our performance in the 2nd round were slightly off and we had some minor mistakes here and there which i think caused us a few marks. I think we could have made it into the Quarter Finals easily if weren't because of our own mistakes" said Chua. They were just placed 28th and were just 4 places to the top 24.

Find out their Detailed results in the WDSF International Open Latin HERE

"In general, our KLDSA athletes have done an impressive job as well as creating numerous positive feedbacks from foreign judges and teachers. I believe we are on the right track and making more history for the Malaysian DanceSport Federation in the coming years" quoted Chua.

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