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News | MOE Renewed KLDSA's School DanceSport Program for 2017!

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In a blink of an eye, 2016 had passed and we are living in the year 2017 now. The Malaysia Ministry of Education was very please with the KLDSA School DanceSport Program and had renewed KLDSA's approval to conduct the program in all schools. Special thanks to the Ministry and the Bahagian Kokurikulum dan Kesenian.

DanceSport is a popular sport in Europe and is rising in Asia. Malaysians are familiar with the term Ballroom and Latin Dancing. It has huge potential to grow in terms of Art and Sport. It is also recognised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

KLDSA plan to expand the program to more schools and possibly more states. Other states are welcome to join KLDSA in this program for the sake of promoting DanceSport as well as improving the quality of it. KLDSA will be working more closely with the MOE to get sanctions and support in all KLDSA DanceSport activities such as Competitions, Training Camps and etc.

There are chances of getting the certificate of KLDSA competitions sanctioned and approved by the Ministry that allow redemption of curriculum marks. It was formerly available only for the Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur students or school. KLDSA is looking into expanding into the whole country. Upon approval, every students in the country who have participated in KLDSA National or International competitions are able to redeem their curriculum marks even they are from other states.

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