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Malaysian Top Latin & Standard Couple Compete in Italy

From Left (Chua Zjen Fong, Evon Chong, Kimberly Tan, Edwin Teo)

The Malaysian Top Latin and Standard Couple trained and competed in Italy's biggest competition. It is considered as WDSF second largest competition in the World after the German Open Championship. The 4 athletes took part in the 2017 Trofeo Colombo in Bologna. Chua & Evon took part in the WDSF Rising Star Latin & WDSF World Open Latin, where as Edwin & Kimberly took part in the WDSF Rising Star Standard and WDSF World Open Standard. These 4 MYDF top athletes have put in great effort in training and competing intensively worldwide to keep up with the International level hoping to bring glory to Malaysia.

The two KLDSA athlete - Chua & Evon will soon be competing in another Brno Open in Czech Republic this coming weekend. The duo have achieved great results in both WDSF Rising Star Latin & WDSF World Open Latin. They got into the 3rd round in both events. There were around 51 countries took part in this competition.

They were placed 41st out of the 139 couples in the WDSF Rising Star Latin on the first day. In the WDSF World Open Latin on Sunday, they had a major break through in their results, they were placed 59th out of 261 couples. It is one of their best results despite their first competition for this year. There were around 20 over star couples that were ranked in the top 50 in the world.

They were the 2nd highest Asian Couple finished in the WDSF World Open Latin after China and will definitely mark a great achievement in their dance career.

To Find Out more on their results, please click below:

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