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News | KLDSA Delegates on behalf of MYDF to attend Anti-Corruption Workshop jointly organized by PJS

Kuala Lumpur - On 18th April 2017, 3 delegates from KLDSA were nominated by the Malaysia DanceSport Federation - MYDF to represent the national sport body to attend an Anti-Corruption workshop jointly organized by the Sports Commissioner (PJS) and the Anti Corruption Commissioner (SPRM). The three delegates were Mr. Chua Zjen Fong, Mr. Chua Zjen Thak & Mr. Lam Hong Woh.

The purpose of the workshop was to enforce a strict ruling in the sport industry to prevent corruption such as match fixing which is very severe in the country's sport industry, primarily in football.

The Sports Commissioner office and the Ministry of Youth & Sports will give full cooperation to SPRM to investigate any suspicious cases even with just a small tip off. Any individual who are involved in providing such tip or information will be protected under the witness protection program. This is to ensure that the country's sport is able to develop in the right direction and not in the hands of those placing bets or bookies.

Also attending in this workshop were YBhg Mr. Khairy from KBS, Dato Zaiton from PJS, Dato Low from OCM and fellow speakers from SPRM.

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