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Report | BD Dance World Supestars Championship

Singapore | Team KLDSA have ended the BD Dance World Superstars Championships with smiles. The team of 15 came back with 1 Gold, 3 Silvers and 2 Bronzes. The 11th Time Nationa Latin Champion - Ms. Evon Chong was the coach and also the team leader.

The athletes of the team are (top:left to right) Emily Cheng, Priscilla Tay, Dejane Ong, Evon Chong (coach), Chloe Iu, Yap Chin Kuan, Heng KIt Yi, Chan Jie Yi, Jessie Liau, (bottom:left to right) Phen Jil Thung, Aishwarrya Krishnamoorthy, Bernice Iu, Roger Siew, Yap Chi Yew, Yap Chin Yee, Ng Jia Yi, Emily Ng, Tan Yee Siang.

Emily Ng competed in the Solo Ladies. There are two events under this category which are Solo Ladies (Cha-cha & Jive) and the Solo Ladies (Samba & Rumba). She placed 2nd in the Cha-cha & Jive event and won 1st place in the Samba & Rumba event.

As for Dejane Ong who competed in the Girls Solo category, which consists of the Cha-cha & Jive event and the Samba & Rumba event. Dejane won silver in both events.

KLDSA has a new couple that recently paired up. They are Yap Chin Kuan and his partner Chan Jie Yi. The couple took part in the Grade D Open Latin. This is their first competition together and they had done very well.

The competition ended with a splendid performance by world top couple Gabriele Goffredo and his partner Anna Matus. The performance was a great benefit to the athletes as they got to see a world class couple dance right before their eyes.

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