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Report | 2017 WDSF World Cup Standard/WDSF Open Latin!

JOHOR BAHRU | KLDSA has accomplished great achievements from the 2017 WDSF World Cup Standard/WDSF Open Latin. A total of 30 athletes have taken part in this competition where each athlete have greatly represented KLDSA in their own individual event. This international competition also comprises of national level events and was held at the Berjaya Waterfront Hotel in Johor Bahru. The athletes had achieved a total of 8 Gold medals, 3 Silver medals, 6 Bronze medals and 11 finalists in this competition.

Edwin Teo Chee Seng and his partner, Kimberly Tan Cheer Ching came out as champion in the MYDF Grade A Standard Closed. Our KLDSA athletes Chua Zjen Thak and Che Xin Nee had trained with hard work and dedication and pushed through the tough competition until they had achieved !st runner-up in this event.

The KLDSA athletes had many achievements in the MYDF Grade A Latin Closed. Our athletes Roger Siew Sing Ket, Bernice Iu Weng Tong and Chua Zjen Thak, Che Xin Nee attained positions in the finalists. Lam Hong Woh and his partner, Lim Dao Er placed 2nd runner-up for this event. Athletes Tan Yee Chun and Tan Chee Min who were 2nd runner-up in previous competitions came out as 1st runner-up which is a great achievement for the both of them. Chua Zjen Fong and Evon Chong had attained the champion spot in this event and won the 2016-2017 MYDF Challenge Trophy over the 2 years in all MYDF National Ranking Championships.

After a 3 years successful partnership, Roger Siew and Bernice Iu, will be competing for their last time before splitting as Roger will be going abroad to further his studies in the UK. Bernice will continue her dance career in the solo event while scouting for a new dance partner. Nevertheless, KLDSA wishes Roger all the best in his future studies and hope to see him on the dance floor soon.

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