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NEWS | KLDSA & SDSA Attended the National Sports For All Seminar

From Left: Alfred Kong (SDSA), Fong Chai Lee (KLDSA), Lee Yin Ying (SDSA)

Kuala Lumpur | the Kuala Lumpur DanceSport Association (KLDSA) and Selangor DanceSport Assocaition (SDSA) represented the Malaysia DanceSport Federation (MYDF) to attend the National Sports for All Seminar in Cheras. Both state associations took the initiative and volunteered out of their busy schedules to take part in this seminar organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The main agenda presented was to allow the Ministry to link partnerships between corporate and sport bodies to help each other in the development of the sports on our country.

Most of the sport representatives were present and raised many interesting and crucial topics related to the subject manner. The seminar then was broken down into a few sessions to allow the delegates to pick the area of their interest to find out more on what could actually help them.

Ms. Fong Chai Lee, the nominee from KLDSA said she had gained some very useful information that could actually help DanceSport grow in a way. But it will definitely need the cooperation from every DanceSport associations and members.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports have done some impressive seminars and workshops over the years but the changes will take longer time to be fruitful. Efforts have been put int from sport associations to the Ministries.

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