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REPORT | WDSF World Junior ll Latin Championship in Bucharest!

Bucharest | The athletes of KLDSA competed in the WDSF World Junior II Championship that was held on the 3rd to the 5th of November in Buhcarest, Romania. This competition is the team's first competition in Europe. The team consists of 12 athletes who are (left to right) Lim Dao Er, Lam Hong Woh, Che Xin Nee, Chua Zjen Thak, Kelly Tan Chee Min, Danny Tan Yee Chun, Evon Chong, Chua Zjen Fong, Emily Ng Li Shyuan, Justin Tan Jun Hao, Zara Eliza Binti Ghazie Yeoh and Benny Tan Yee Siang.

Couples Benny Tan, Zara Eliza and Justin Tan, Emily Ng took part in the WDSF World Junior II Latin Championship. This event had a total of 67 couples in total.

Justin Tan and Emily Ng were ranked 63rd out of 67 couples.

Whlist couple Benny Tan and his partner Zara Eliza competed until the 2nd round of the competition and were ranked 43rd out of 67 couples. Despite their first World Championship, it was a great break through for the Malaysian DanceSport history as the 4 athletes were the first Malaysian ever to compete in the WDSF World Junior ll Latin Championship.

As for the other 4 couples, they took part in the WDSF International Open Latin. This event had 53 couples in total, Couples Lam with his partner Dao Er and Zjen Thak with his partner Xin Nee were ranked 37th and 38th respectively out of 53 couples.

Danny Tan and his partner Kelly Tan competed until the 2nd round of the event and placed 29th. This was the 2nd time they competed in Europe but their first in the adult category.

As for couple Chua and Evon, they competed for 3 rounds and were ranked 21st out of the 53 couples in the event.

Big Congratulations to Chua & Evon for qualifying into the Finals for the Rising Star Latin and won 5th out of the 68 couples. This was their 2nd attempt entering the finals in Europe competitions since their first in Paris last year.

Dance couple Zjen Thak and Xin Nee also competed in the WDSF International Open Standard. The event had 38 couples in total. They were ranked 32nd out of the 38 couples.

The KLDSA team will be continuing their trip around Europe making stops at places such as Slovenia, Italy, etc for training and more competitions to come.

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