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NEWS | 5th Place for Malaysia DanceSport in Romania!

Romania | KLDSA athletes Chua Zjen Fong and his partner Evon Chong competed in the WDSF International Open Latin & WDSF Rising Star Latin event in the 2017 World Junior II Latin Championship which was held at Bucharest, Romania. The couple brought good news to the country after securing into the finals in Europe for the second time in their dance career. This event had a total of 65 couples taking part. Chua and Evon managed to qualify for the finals and were placed 5th. This unexpected result was due to their hard work and dedication that helped them achieve something this great.

After this competition, Chua and Evon, with 10 other KLDSA athletes will be travelling to places such as Slovenia, Italy and Vienna for their training with world class athletes as well as to compete in the competitions that are held there.

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