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NEWS | 15 Times National Latin Champion - Chua & Evon Turns Professional!

KUALA LUMPUR | The 15 times Malaysia National Latin Champion - Chua Zjen Fong & Evon Chong just turned Professional today after dancing for 10 years together in the Amateur category. The duo had been dancing for Malaysia in the WDSF competitive field and achieved numerous awards and broken a few records. They were the first Malaysian DanceSport couple to ever qualify into the European DanceSport Scene in 2016 Paris Open. in 2011 they were the first and only couple qualified into the 3rd round in the WDSF Grand Slam Latin in Chengdu, China.

The couple had some impressive portfolios and achievements throughout their dance career. In 2013, they were nominated by the WDSF to represent Malaysia in the 2013 WDSF World DanceSport Games where many other different dance genre were competed, Latin American was one of them and they made it into the 2nd round where only 20 over World top couples were nominated. In 2017, Chua & Evon were nominated by the Olympic Council Malaysia to represent Malaysia in the 2017 Ashgabat Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. In 2011 they had given up all their jobs and took their entire saving on a 1 year training in Guangzhou, China. The principal of the university offered them to stay back and an opportunity to represent China but they politely rejected as they wish to share their knowledge and fight for their homeland - Malaysia. Upon their return to Malaysia, they founded MY DanceSport Academy which had now turned into one of the leading DanceSport Academy in the country. They had trained a number of state and National athletes that had delivereda significant and positive results to the country.

The Deputy President of Malaysia DanceSport Federation - Mr. John Fam have given his appraisal to the couple on his Facebook account. He had addressed his satisfactory and respect towards the couple's commitment, sacrifices and achievements towards the Malaysian DanceSport Community.

The former Malaysia Grade A National Latin Champion will be expecting to compete in their first WDSF Professional Division competition in Trofeo Colombo at Bologna, Italy.

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