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NEWS | Dance Merchandise from to Support DanceSport in Malaysia!

Kuala Lumpur | had recently launched a series of Dancers' Merchandise with KLDSA to support the cause and betterment of DanceSport in Malaysia. This collaboration with KLDSA will also create more publicity for DanceSport as the designs are all neutral. KLDSA spokesperson, Mr Chua said "The designs are mostly free from any political or federation influence, hence it will not create controversial issue for anyone to purchase and own them".

There are series of merchandise available for sale ranging from Adult to baby sizes.

Baby sizes are will be priced at RM 35 each.

Some designs have name and number customized for that special someone.

Children sizes and design are available too.

Female sizes are available for order too. Ranging from different designs. Adult sizes are prices at RM 50 each.

A body measurement chart is available inside the website when you make your purchase. This will be easier for your to know your exact size.

Canvas bag are available for your daily needs too.

Canvas bag are priced at RM 30 each.

Zipper pouch are priced at RM 20 each.

Hurry up and grab one and support our cause in helping to improve the DanceSport industry in our country!

Please click on the link below to start purchasing your favorite item.

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