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NEWS | 2nd KLDSA Dinner & Dance Raised RM 30K for KLDSA Athletes!

Kuala Lumpur | The 2nd KLDSA Dinner & Dance was held on 28th Juky 2018 at Evolve Concept Mall @ Ara Damansara. The fund raiser event was a huge success with about RM 30K raised to support the KLDSA athletes in this year's World Championships.

There were more athletes that volunteered and took part this year as well as more audiences compared to last year according the Organizing Chairman - Mr. Chua Kian Hong. The venue was again sponsored by Evolve Concept Mall to support the cause of this event. There were more than 10 clubs and schools that took part to participate in this event and made it a huge success, KLDSA wish to promote DanceSport in a healthy, fair and transparent way.

The potential of DanceSport is greater than what people can think. Imagine if DanceSport is in the Olympic Games, everyone would be love to be part of this route and hoping they would one day represent the country to compete in the Olympic Games. Of course, it is still all under planning and the process of being part of the Olympic Games take longer time that we all thought. The World DanceSport Federation is working very hard to get DanceSport into the Olympic Games. It is already in the Olympic Family Games such as SEA Games and Asian Indoor Games.

The funds that were raised will be used to sponsor the nominated KLDSA athletes for the following championships:

- WDSF World Latin Championship in Vienna, Austria

- WDSF World Junior ll Latin Championship in Bilbao, Spain

- WDSF World 10 Dance Championship in Warsaw, Poland

- WDSF World Youth Latin Championship in Riga, Latvia

Where as for those athletes who were not nominated or for the lower categories, they will be offered to attend a free workshop organized by KLDSA after the 1st Malaysia WDSF Open DanceSport Championship. All KLDSA athletes that have contributed towards the Dinner & Dance event will be entitled to attend a 2 hour & 15 minutes workshop coached by Alexey Galchun (Russia), Andrea Rizzo (Italy), Anna Matus & Gabriele Goffredo (Moldova). The cost of such workshop cost about RM 300 per person, but all of this is Free for KLDSA athletes that have volunteered and contributed towards the dinner & dance event.

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