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NEWS | 3rd KLDSA Malaysia Open Sponsored by Sunway Velocity Mall!

Kuala Lumpur | Sunway Velocity mall will be the main sponsor of the 3rd KLDSA Malaysia Open DanceSport Championship 2018 organized by Kuala Lumpur DanceSport Association (KLDSA) and MY DanceSport Academy.

This collaboration marks a history between the three parties to bring great benefit to the DanceSport community in Malaysia. The championship will be held at the Main Atrium at Ground Floor. The championship falls on the 17th of November 2018, the first event will start at 10 AM and the championship will end at 9.30 PM before the mall closes.

Despite given only 2 months to organize, the organizing committee managed to pull it through. The key benefit that everyone will enjoy is the free publicity and marketing that will be generated from the free viewing of the general public. It is free for everyone to watch and enjoy as well as experience what is DanceSport for those who do know anything about DanceSport.

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