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News | MOE Renewed KLDSA's DanceSport Program in School

Putrajaya | The Ministry of Education have recently renewed KLDSA's School DanceSport Program and is happy that KLDSA is moving in the right direction is promoting DanceSport to Schools.

KLDSA has achieved a lot and has actively involved in DanceSport activities not just in schools but as well as organizing competitions and sending their athletes to overseas for training and competition.

Two of our athletes won a gold medal in Riga Latvia in the Youth Open Category and has garnered the media's attention as well as the MOE's attention. Is was indeed a great achievement for the athletes and the country. MOE is looking forward to more achievements and initiatives like these.

KLDSA is currently actively involved in 15 schools and is hoping to grow more. It is also a great opportunity for national athletes to generate a higher opportunity in teaching. One of KLDSA initiative is to create more job opportunities like these and encouraged more professional athletes to take up DanceSport as a career that is very promising. The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) has set a detailed ruling and regulations that regulate the sports. With Break Dance being introduced into the Olympic Games in 2024, WDSF will soon be able to bring DanceSport as a medal sport and expand the DanceSport industry and benefit everyone.

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