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2nd Malaysia WDSF Open DanceSport Championship 2023: Showcasing DanceSport Excellence

Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated 2nd Malaysia WDSF Open DanceSport Championship 2023! This prestigious international event will take place on the 26th and 27th of August 2023 at the renowned Ideal Convention Centre Shah Alam (IDCC). Dancers from all over the world will gather to showcase their talent, passion, and dedication to the art of DanceSport. Important events that will take place during the two-day event include:

  • WDSF Open

  • WDSF Youth

  • WDSF Junior II

  • WDSF Female Solo Latin (Adult, Youth, Junior II, Junior I)

  • MYDF National Ranking

  • MYDF Solo National Ranking

To ensure a fair and competitive environment, the championship adheres to a set of rules and regulations that all participating dancers must follow. Let's take a closer look at these guidelines:

  1. Membership Requirement: Adult A Closed athletes must be a member of the Malaysia Dancesport Federation (MYDF). Athletes in other grades must be a member of their respective WDSF Member Body, MYDF State Association, Associate Member, or Club.

  2. Eligibility: Athletes who have participated in events outside the WDSF Competition System within the past 12 months are not eligible to compete.

  3. WDSF MIN Number: All athletes participating in WDSF events must have a valid WDSF MIN number.

  4. Intervarsity Athletes: All intervarsity athletes must have an active valid college/university student ID.

  5. Multiple Halls: The championship will take place in two halls, Hall A and Hall B, running concurrently for two days. Athletes, coaches, and team managers are responsible for ensuring they withdraw from one event if it overlaps with another event running in the other hall.

  6. Submission Deadline: All entries must be submitted before 5th August 2023. Late entries will not be entertained.

  7. Age Limits: Age limits for each category are determined based on the calendar year 2023.

  • The minimum age for adult competitors is 16 years old.

  • The senior category requires competitors to be 35 years old and above, with the younger partner being a minimum of 30 years old.

  • Youth competitors must be aged 16 to 18.

  • Junior II competitors must be aged 14 to 15.

  • Junior I competitors must be aged 12 to 13.

  • Juvenile II competitors must be aged 10 to 11.

  • Juvenile I competitors must be aged 9 years old and below.

  • Juvenile I may join Juvenile II but NOT ALLOWED in Junior Category.

  • Junior I may join Junior II but NOT ALLOWED in Youth Category.

  • Junior II may join Youth but NOT ALLOWED in Adult Category.

  • Youth may join Adult but NOT ALLOWED in Senior Category.

  1. Agreement to Rules: By submitting the entry form, competitors are deemed to have agreed to abide by the championship rules.

  2. Organizer's Discretion: The Championship Organizers/Chairman reserve the right to refuse entries from individuals whose status is unclear according to WDSF/MYDF Rules.

  3. Partner Restrictions: No change of partner is allowed within the same event.

  4. Compliance with Rules: The organizer reserves the right to refuse any athlete who does not comply with the rules from competing.

  5. Costume Regulations: All competitors must be dressed in appropriate costumes as specified in the WDSF Dress Regulations. Advertising on competition dress is allowed. Specific regulations regarding costumes and makeup apply to certain categories.

  6. WDSF Syllabus: All Juvenile and 'E' events are restricted to WDSF syllabus only.

  7. Newcomer Events: Newcomer events are reserved for athletes who have not competed in any physical dancesport competition before. Any athlete found to have competed in previous dancesport competitions will be disqualified from the newcomer event.

  8. Rehearsals and Timeliness: All competitors must attend rehearsals for the opening ceremony as requested by the organizers. Competitors must also be present for their events on time, as latecomers will be disqualified.

  9. Dance Floor Size: The competition dance floor size is 60 feet x 40 feet for Hall A and 50 feet x 30 feet for Hall B.

  10. Programme Changes: The Championship Organizers/Chairman reserve the right to change the program of events without prior notice.

  11. Liability and Claims: The Championship Organizers will not accept any liability for injuries, damage, COVID-19 contraction, influenza A contraction, or loss suffered by the competitors.

  12. Judges' Decision: The judges' decision shall be final.

  13. Discretion of the Organizer: In the event of any question or matter arising that is not expressly provided for in the rules, the Championship Organizers shall have the power to use their own discretion.

  14. Television and Video Recording: In the event of television coverage, social media live streaming, or production of a video recording for commercial purposes, all competitors agree that the rights to any fees from such coverage will vest solely with KLDSA. Competitors and associations shall have no claim against the organizers, television companies, or video producers involved in such events.

The 2nd Malaysia WDSF Open DanceSport Championship 2023 promises to be a thrilling and competitive event where dancers from all over the world can showcase their skills and passion for DanceSport. Competitors are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations outlined above to ensure fair play and maintain the integrity of the championship. Whether you are a participant, coach, or spectator, get ready for a captivating display of grace, athleticism, and artistic expression at this prestigious international event. Let the power of DanceSport unite us all!


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