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Dancesport Games Representation: Beyond the Surface

14 October 2023 | MYDF stands out as the guardian of authenticity in the complex world of sports governance. To be part of esteemed events like the SEA Games and Asian Indoor Games, recognition from the Olympic Council of Malaysia (IOC) and validation as an official member by the respected World Dancesport Federation (WDSF) is crucial.

This journey into authenticity finds validation in Clause 7.3 of the Constitution of Majlis Olimpik Malaysia (2018). This clause emphatically underlines the significance of National Sports Associations being affiliated with International Federations, and their inclusion as members of the OCM (Constitution of Majlis Olimpik Malaysia (2018). It is within this constitutional framework that the Malaysia Dancesport Federation (MYDF) secures its rightful role as the representative body for Dancesport in Malaysia.

Tangible evidence of MYDF's legitimacy can be found in its active membership status with the WDSF (World DanceSport Federation, Details of WDSF member MYDF 2023). This affirmation is rooted in the recent 2nd Malaysia World DanceSport Federation Open Dancesport Championship 2023 held at the Ideal Convention Centre Shah Alam in Selangor, Malaysia.

Source : KLDSA

The WDSF, the apex body for global dancesport, officially recognized this event by publishing and announcing it on their website, cementing MYDF's status as a member in good standing. The championship, under MYDF's governance and in collaboration with the Kuala Lumpur Dancesport Association (KLDSA), further solidified MYDF's position. This event hosted 30 WDSF and national licensed adjudicators, with participation from 16 countries such as Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Chinese Taipei, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Latvia, Macau, Philippines, Romania, Spain, South Korea, Singapore, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

Through such prestigious events, MYDF has opened Malaysia's doors to international participants who share a commitment to the transparency and authenticity of dancesport. The event served as a platform to showcase dancesport's true essence, upheld by the right and fair regulations set forth by WDSF.

In this, MYDF not only demonstrates its role as a custodian of authenticity but also as a catalyst for international collaboration and the promotion of dancesport's true spirit. The evidence is indisputable - MYDF stands as the rightful custodian of dancesport's authenticity in Malaysia, recognized both nationally and internationally.


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