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News | DanceSport in Malaysia is on the Right Path

Photo credits : New Straits Times

7 July 2022 (Kuala Lumpur) - As per News Strait Times, Malaysia DanceSport Federation (MYDF) is on their way to get recognized by the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) after the removal of their rivals from OCM. Mr. Chua Zjen Fong, the Deputy President of KLDSA & Sports Director of MYDF, mentioned that ever since 2008, Malaysia Dance Sport Berhad (MDSB) lost their membership with the international and Asian federations.

He also added that MYDF has attempted several times for the past 10 years in joining OCM but failed to do so due to MDSB being a member of OCM. By submitting latest application last year, MYDF is waiting for the OCM legal committee to review it.

By joining OCM, Mr. Chua strongly believes that it will support the growth of the sport in Malaysia. This will enable MYDF to send the best athletes and officials to all the major Games and DanceSport events such as Sea Games, Asian Games, Olympics, and more.

The Sports Director of MYDF also mentioned that with MDSB's continued membership in OCM between 2008 and 2019, MYDF was unable to present a full or legitimate team to multi-sport competitions. They have also been through two Games, 2017 Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games and 2019 Sea Games, whereby they have to send a 50-50 team (half from MYDF, half from MDSB) to the games as proposed.

Despite all of that, MYDF was able to deliver a gold by their athlete Lego Sam in breaking event, the event which will be included in the 2024 Paris Olympics, which demonstrated to OCM the caliber MYDF's athletes. Not long ago, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) then requested that all National Olympic Councils accept and recognize the legitimate associations that are associated with their respective international federations as a result.

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