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Dancing Dreams Come True: KLDSA Stars Illuminates at the Hanoi's Dancesport Championship

8th October 2023 (Hanoi, Vietnam) | The Thang Long International Dancesport Championship brought together a talented roster of dancers from across the globe to the vibrant city of Hanoi. The event proved to be mesmerizing display of grace, skill, and dedication, showcasing the beauty of ballroom and latin dancing.

Amongst the participants, there comes these remarkable athletes, representing KLDSA, that achieved nothing short of extraordinary, catapulting the association to unprecedented heights with their awe-inspiring performances, leaving an indelible mark on the world of dancesport.

The team of KLDSA Athletes led by Mrs. Evon Chong from MY Dancesport Academy

Remarkable Achievements:

1. Tan Yee Siang & Bernice Iu Weng Tong

  • WDSF Open Latin: 9th Place

  • TLOC Rising Stars Latin: 7th Place (Semi-finalist)

2. Jason Lee Chong Sheng & Wong Jia Yee

  • WDSF Open Latin: 13th Place

3. Lee Chen Sheng & Hazel Tan Kah Yen

  • WDSF Youth Open Latin: 5th Place (Finalist)

4. Wong Jia Yee

  • WDSF Open Adult Solo Female Latin: 4th Place (Finalist)

5. Madeleine Lau Yu Xuan

  • WDSF Open Youth Solo Female Latin: 3rd Place

  • WDSF Open Junior II Solo Female Latin: Champion

6. Loh Yi Ling

  • WDSF Open Youth Solo Standard: 3rd Place

  • WDSF Open Adult Solo Standard: Champion

  • WDSF Open Youth Solo Latin: 6th Place

7. Ong Yu Yuan

  • WDSF Adult Female Solo Latin: 6th Place

The Thang Long International Championship was not just a competition; it was a celebration of dance, culture and artistry. The dancers, especially those representing KLDSA, demonstrated the power of dance to transcend boundaries and create moments of pure magic on the dance floor.

As the curtains close on this event, the applause and admiration for these phenomenal athletes echoed in the heart of everyone present. KLDSA's stars had not only performed well; they had set a new standard of excellence, marking a glorious chapter in the association's history.

Additionally, the athletes were accompanied by Mrs. Evon Chong, the co-founder of MY Dancesport Academy which was also there to be an adjudicator and to provide guidance and support to the athletes throughout the competition.

The Thang Long International Dancesport Championship was a resounding success, and KLDSA athletes were the shining stars, making their association, their nation, and dance lovers around the world immensely proud. Their remarkable achievements will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for aspiring dancers everywhere.


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