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Guardians of Authenticity: MYDF's Enduring Legacy in Dancesport

17 October 2023 | As we draw the curtains on this enlightening journey, one truth stands clear: MYDF's position and influence are rock solid. The MYDF isn't just an association; it is the embodiment of Dancesport's heritage, discipline, and authenticity. In a world where loyalties and allegiances may swift, MYDF stands tall, reminding all that to represent Malaysia, to be an authentic Dancesport athlete, the path leads only through MYDF.

MYDF's enduring commitment to fairness, justice, and transparency in governing dancesport is an unshakable principle. It is a commitment that goes beyond words, aiming to protect the original balance and ecosystem of this beloved sport. This dedication ensures that MYDF remains a trusted leader in the dancesport community in Malaysia.

In the words of MYDF's Sports Director, Mr. Chua Zjen Fong, "A development program can now be run hand in hand with the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM), Education Ministry, National Sports Council, and National Sports Institute to develop dancesport in Malaysia" (Ishak, New Straits Times, 2022). This visionary approach underscores MYDF's readiness to collaborate with key stakeholders to further advance dancesport in Malaysia.

Source : Chua Zjen Fong

Source : Chua Zjen Fong

Further commitment to the proper legacy of Dancesport in Malaysia is evident through the continuous efforts of the Sports Director, Mr. Chua. From attending events like the Safe Sport Code launch by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) to engaging in discussions about anti-doping and anti-corruption measures, Mr. Chua's presence underscores MYDF's dedication to ethical practices. Moreover, his participation in sports science courses conducted by the National Sports Institute (ISN Malaysia) signifies MYDF's commitment to advancing the sport's technical aspects.

The sports director’s effort in further solidifying MYDF's role as the guardian of dancesport's core values and conveying MYDF’s willingness to collaborate and grow is also demonstrated through the seeking of advice from Youth & Sports Minister, YB Hannah Yeoh. Mr. Chua’s active participation in vital congresses and workshops related to both the national and international sports arenas exemplifies MYDF's determination to uphold the highest standards.

In the midst of applause, remember that MYDF is more than an association; it is the protector of dancesport's essence, and its legacy will shine brighter with every step of Malaysia's finest dancers.

Despite the twists and turns on the dance floor, MYDF remains strong as the true bearer of dancesport excellence in Malaysia.


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