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Navigating the Dance Floor: Decoding Malaysia's Dancesport Landscape

15 October 2023 | In this complex dance world of connections, the pivotal government bodies - the Sports Commissioner (PJS), Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS), the National Sports Council (MSN) and Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) - wield their influence. Yet, as the saying goes, "Many dancers, but only one choreographer," the MYDF stands tall as the authentic conductor of the Dancesport symphony.

Source : Chua Zjen Fong

Source : Chua Zjen Fong

MYDF's history of selecting top athletes for international Multisports Games shows why it's the real deal in Malaysia's Dancesport scene. This was clearly demonstrated when the Breaking athletes nominated by MYDF clinched Malaysia's first Gold at the 2019 Philippines SEA Games (Bernama, B-boy Sam sets sights on Paris 2024 | New Straits Times, 2020). The journey to the 2019 SEA Games involved not only these exceptional athletes but also the team manager, Mr. Peter Tan, and the head coach for the Malaysia Dancesport Contingent, Mr. Chua Zjen Fong. The National Sports Council (MSN) also displayed its support for this momentous Malaysia pride event by reimbursing the champion, Legosam, for his triumphant achievement.

Furthermore, MYDF's role as the key decision-maker in Malaysia's Dancesport formalities and activities remains unquestionable. MYDF continues to be the nominator of the Dancesport Team for major events such as the Vietnam SEA Games 2021 and the Cambodia SEA Games 2023, and the WDSF (World DanceSport Federation) Breaking World Finals on Dec 4 for the qualifier for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The prowess of Malaysia's Dancesport athletes was demonstrated once more at the Vietnam SEA Games 2021, where two athletes competing in the Standard division secured Bronze medals for the nation.

In an interview, President Tan Sri Mohamad Norza Zakaria emphasized the essence of legitimacy. "There is a dancesport body that has already been recognised by the international body," he mentioned, subtly reaffirming MYDF's position as the sole dancesport association recognized by the esteemed World Dancesport Federation (WDSF). (Jalaluddin, 2022). This recognition solidifies MYDF's role as the true guardian of Malaysia's dancesport legacy and its exclusive path to global recognition. #wdsf #kldsa #dancesport #latinstandard #mydflatinstandard


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