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Navigating the Labyrinth of Support - Setting the MYDF Apart

16 October 2023 | MYDF's mission is to bring unity to the dancesport community. As other groups try to claim their place, MYDF stands firm in creating a sense of belonging. It provides a common platform for dancers to train, compete, and grow together. This is about more than just winning medals; it's about raising dancesport's standing in the nation.

In dancesport, it's not just about graceful dancing; it's also about following rules to protect athletes. The national governing body must have a clear and internationally recognized set of rules that truly benefits the sport. This commitment ensures athletes' welfare and upholds the highest sports ethics standards, making Malaysia proud in the dancesport community.

The World Dancesport Federation (WDSF) sets the gold standard for rules. The rules and regulations governing dancesport are transparently guided on the WDSF website. These encompass specific guidelines for athletes, adjudicators/chairmen, competitions, WDSF, and organizers. One critical aspect is the training and examination of judging panels. To earn certification under the WDSF, judges must undergo rigorous training, pass examinations, and gain recognition through experience. No shortcuts, no backdoor entries - only genuine expertise to assess and qualify athletes.

Furthermore, these rules encompass choreography and dress codes to safeguard the welfare and appropriateness of athletes across various age groups and dance genres. When it comes to regulating the Malaysian dancesport industry, who could be more suitable than the Malaysia Dancesport Federation, rightfully associated with WDSF?

Clause 9.2 of the Constitution of Majlis Olimpik Malaysia (2018) underpins MYDF's legitimacy, requiring certified documentation of registration, affiliation with international federations, and financial transparency - all aspects that solidify MYDF's position as the recognized authority in Malaysian dancesport (Constitution of Majlis Olimpik Malaysia (2018).

Despite differences in rules, judging criteria and eligibility, MYDF plays a vital role in keeping dancesport together under the banner of legitimacy. It's not just an association; it's the protector of dancesport's values and Malaysia's path to global recognition.


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