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New Ranking List Regulations in Standard and Latin disciplines

WDSF Announces Exciting Revisions to World Ranking Lists and Rising Stars Category

The global DanceSport community is abuzz with anticipation as the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) introduces two major initiatives, each poised to reshape the landscape of competitive dancing. These endeavors, meticulously curated by the WDSF Sports Department, underscore the organization's unwavering commitment to fairness and progress in the realm of DanceSport.

The first announcement revolves around a substantial overhaul of the World Ranking List for the Adult age group in the Standard and Latin dance disciplines. This development follows a pivotal gathering on June 10, 2023, hosted at the esteemed facilities of the National Olympic Committee of Spain, where the WDSF Forum convened. The feedback and insights garnered from this meeting played an instrumental role in shaping the upcoming transformation of the ranking system.

In line with its dedication to fostering integrity and equitable competition, the WDSF is introducing fortified anti-manipulation measures. These measures aim to fortify the authenticity of the sport and establish a level playing field for all participants.

Given the ongoing challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic and the evolving geopolitical landscape, the WDSF Sports Department has designed a novel ranking system set to take effect on August 31, with calculations officially commencing on September 1, 2023.

The central objectives of this reconfiguration are twofold: to invigorate the motivation of devoted athletes and to architect a more balanced WDSF Competition System. While the fundamental structure of the ranking list remains based on six competitions, the distribution has been recalibrated to accommodate the dynamic landscape of DanceSport events.

For the Adult age category in both Standard and Latin disciplines, the allocation is as follows:

  • GrandSlam: 2 events

  • World Open: 2 events

  • International Open: 2 events

To heighten the significance of GrandSlam competitions, up to four leading results from GrandSlams will be integrated into the ranking list. The remaining two results will be evenly divided between World Opens and International Opens, stipulating at least one result from each category.

A noteworthy addition is the provision for a WDSF Open event to replace any of the aforementioned event types. This alteration empowers athletes to satisfy the requirement of six results, necessary to amass maximum points.

This refined framework is poised to invigorate athletes, breed healthy competition, and enrich the DanceSport landscape. It's important to emphasize that these changes exclusively impact the Adult age category in the Standard and Latin disciplines, while other age categories and disciplines will adhere to the existing ranking system.

Introducing the WDSF Rising Stars Ranking List

In conjunction with the transformative shifts in the World Ranking List, the WDSF introduces an innovative ranking project tailored specifically for the Rising Stars category. All WDSF Rising Stars competitions will now carry the distinction of Ranking status. This opens the door for Rising Stars couples to vie for a prized wild card via the WDSF Rising Stars Ranking list. This coveted wild card bestows upon them the rare opportunity to participate in the WDSF World Championship in the Adult age category.

Detailed particulars about this pioneering initiative will be unveiled in due course, with the rollout of the WDSF Rising Stars Ranking list set for September 1. A noteworthy facet of this undertaking is the introduction of prestigious Rising Stars competitions, debuting with the WDSF Rising Stars World Challenge Cup in October.

Ushering in a New Era for DanceSport

With these innovative enhancements, the WDSF is not merely reaffirming its commitment to propelling DanceSport but is also cultivating an environment that nurtures fair competition, supports athletes, and safeguards the vitality of this beloved sport.

The enthusiasm and understanding of the DanceSport community are greatly appreciated as these positive changes are embraced. These changes are bound to illuminate the path toward a brighter future for DanceSport. The WDSF remains resolute in its mission to champion, elevate, and promote the sport that unites us all.

For queries or clarifications concerning the implementation of the new ranking list for the Adult age category, please do not hesitate to contact the WDSF Sports Admin Office at

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The content presented in this article has been derived from an official communication by the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF). For accurate and up-to-date information about the WDSF's initiatives and developments, please refer to the original source materials provided by the WDSF.

For inquiries, clarifications, or further details regarding the content shared in this article, kindly contact the WDSF directly through their official channels.

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