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News | KLDSA Triumphs with Stellar Performances at Wuhan Dancesport Championship 2024

27 - 28th April 2024 | In a testament to the dedication and expertise of its leadership, the Kuala Lumpur Dancesport Association (KLDSA) soared to new heights at the Wuhan Dancesport Championship 2024, held on April 27th and 28th. Spearheading the delegation was Coach Evon Chong, Co-Founder of MY Dancesport Academy, whose guidance and mentorship played a pivotal role in the team's success.

Representing KLDSA with poise and elegance, Ooi Ken Vin & Zoe Tan Zi Wei and Loh Yi Wei & Yap Wan Xin took center stage in the World Under 21 Standard Championship. Their performances captivated the audience, showcasing impeccable technique and artistry as they danced their way into the hearts of spectators and judges alike.

Adding to KLDSA's triumph, both Ooi Ken Vin & Zoe Tan Zi Wei and Loh Yi Wei & Yap Wan Xin also showcased their versatility and prowess by competing in the fiercely contested WDSF World Open Latin & Standard category. Their electrifying routines infused the arena with energy and excitement, earning admiration and applause from all corners.

Besides that, Ooi Say Keat & Che Xin Nee, representing KLDSA, also delivered a spellbinding performance that underscored their mastery of Latin dance in the WDSF World Open Adult Latin category. Their passion and skill were palpable, drawing cheers from the audience and accolades from the adjudicators.

KLDSA's stellar showing at the Wuhan Dancesport Championship 2024 reflects the association's commitment to excellence and the caliber of talent it nurtures. These achievements stand as a testament to the dedication and hard work of the dancers, coaches, and supporters who form the backbone of KLDSA.

As KLDSA continues to shine on the global stage, their triumphs serve as inspiration for dancers across Malaysia and beyond. Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding performances, and may their success propel KLDSA to even greater heights in the world of dancesport.


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