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News | Does MYDF deserve this unfair treatment from OCM?

February 12th, 2022 (Kuala Lumpur) - Malaysia Dancesport Federation (MYDF) continues to be denied membership by the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) after nearly a decade of trying. OCM states that this is due to the fact that there is already another member organisation representing the sport, which is Malaysia DanceSport Berhad (MDSB).

In Article 9.2 of the OCM constitution, it states "each application for Membership shall be supported by a certified true copy of its certificate of registration with the Commissioner of Sports or the Registrar of Societies or the Registrar of Companies, a certified true copy of Proof Affiliation with its International Federation controlling that sport, a copy of its Constitution, details of its membership, activities, latest audited financial statement and a list of current office-bearers." MDSB is neither affiliated with or recognised by the international bodies WDSF and Dancesport Asia (DSA), which work in conjunction with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). With that being said, in order to register as a member of OCM, MDSB have clearly not met the requirements stated.

MDSB's affiliations with the international federation was removed in 2009, due to technical reason. At that moment of time, only MYDF was recognised. However, the sole national body representing DanceSport in Malaysia still remained to be MDSB after 13 years. Although MYDF has met all the criteria and have the proper credentials as Mr. John Fam, the deputy president of MYDF stated, MYDF is still unable to gain OCM's membership.

A fellow athlete cum former dancer from MDSB shared some insight from their experience with MDSB. They spoke of the inconsistencies the association had with how competitions and judgings were handled or executed. Although judging dance is subjective, how their system was, it was still very wishy washy. How can a judge be someone who competed in the same categories as you and then proceed to judge that same category in future competitions despite placing lower than yourself? The athlete also spoke of how during their time with MDSB, they felt that they have hit the end point and there was nothing much further for them. However after switching over to MYDF, they realised that there was much more to be explored and learnt in the dancesport world. There were goals, challenges and skills they never knew existed. So, it is very saddening to find out that some of those goals cannot be met due to this current issue MYDF is facing.

KLDSA shares disappointment along with our national athletes regarding this unfair treatment as the athletes who are registered members under MYDF, are denied access to championships and games such as Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Game, SEA Game and Olympic Game unless they comply to instructions imposed by OCM and MDSB. We urge OCM to take action fairly and to look into this matter in their upcoming Annual General Meeting in March 2022. MYDF should be given the rights to be the representing body of DanceSport in Malaysia as they meet all the criteria to be a member of OCM.


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