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News | KLDSA Athletes competing in the 11th Thailand Open 2022

30 November 2022 (Kuala Lumpur) | 12 KLDSA athletes had been sent to Bangkok, Thailand to represent our country in the 11th Thailand Open 2022 which mainly consist of WDSF PD World Cup Latin, WDSF International Open Standard & Latin and many other events on the 18th November 2022. We have Junior, Youth and Adult couples and their results are shown below:

  • Lee Gao Xiang & Zoe Tan Zi Wei

- WDSF International Open Standard: 33th

- Adult Closed Asia Standard: 27-28th

- Youth Open Standard: 14-15th

- WDSF International Open Latin: 36th

- Adult Closed Asia Latin: 34-35th

- Youth Open Latin: 7th

  • Ooi Say Keat & Che Xin Nee

- Adult Closed Asia Latin: 30th

- WDSF International Open Latin: 47th

  • Yap Chin Kuan & Jessie Liau

- Adult Closed Asia Latin: 47th

- WDSF International Open Latin: 53-55th

  • Ooi Ken Vin & Ooi Bo Zuen

- WDSF International Open Standard: 35-36th

- Adult Closed Asia Standard: 33-34th

- Youth Open Standard: 20-21th

- WDSF International Open Latin: 49-52th

- Adult Closed Asia Latin: 39th

- Youth Open Latin: 15th

  • Ng Ze Yu & Yap Wan Xin

- Junior II Open Latin: 6th

- Junior II Open Standard: 9th

- Youth Open Latin: 12-13th

- Youth Open Standard: 22nd

At last, congratulations to all the KLDSA athletes on their results and we hope to see them in future competitions fighting for our country!


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