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News | Road to Asian Games 2022 for Breaking National Athletes

26 March 2022 (Kuala Lumpur) - This is the first time that our Malaysian Breaking athletes will be representing our country to compete in the Asian Games 2022 in Hangzhou, China. Dylan Chyo, Vice President of Street Dance Arts and Culture Association (SDACA) and an affiliated to Malaysia Dancesport Federation (MYDF), stated that he is confident that the athletes has high chance of winning medals based on their past records and experiences. MYDF's Sports Director, Mr Chua Zjen Fong stated that the very first time Breaking was featured in a multi sport games was in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, then moved on the 2019 SEA Games where Malaysia delivered the first Dancesport Gold medal by Legosam. The coming 5 years will be very exciting for Dancesport, he added.

For the upcoming Asian Games, a total of 3 Breaking national athletes have been short listed to represent Malaysia: Sam Lee Jek (LegoSam), Mohd Faridh Mohd Yassin (Khenobu), and Reese Liew. The list will be finalised after the 15th May national breaking championship sanctioned by MYDF.

LegoSam, 2019 SEA Games Breaking gold medalist, added that the biggest challenge for him is himself as he is 27 years old and has been dancing for 14 years which resulted in major injuries at some body parts. He added, "I hope that I can recover before the Asian Games."

Let's wish them all the best! Malaysia Boleh!


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