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Protecting the Integrity of DanceSport: KLDSA Takes a Stand Against Misuse

4 October 2023 (Kuala Lumpur) | DanceSport enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur have recently become aware of a disconcerting issue plaguing their vibrant community—the misuse of the prestigious name of the Kuala Lumpur DanceSport Association (KLDSA). This misuse, primarily involving unauthorized applications for organizing events under the KLDSA banner, has raised concerns among the legitimate stakeholders and aficionados of this art form. KLDSA, a revered institution in the world of DanceSport, is determined to safeguard its name and reputation from any such unauthorized activities.

Preserving the Integrity of DanceSport

DanceSport, a fusion of dance and sport, has gained immense popularity in Kuala Lumpur, with KLDSA being at the forefront of promoting and nurturing this passion. However, the misuse of KLDSA's name poses a significant threat to the integrity of the DanceSport community.

In recent months, there have been instances where individuals or groups have falsely claimed affiliation with KLDSA to gain approval for hosting DanceSport events. This not only misleads participants but also tarnishes the image of the association itself. KLDSA takes these matters seriously and is committed to preserving the authenticity and credibility of DanceSport in Kuala Lumpur.

Reporting Misuse and Protecting the Community

KLDSA encourages all DanceSport enthusiasts and stakeholders to remain vigilant against such misuse and report any unauthorized use of its name for event organization. Reporting such incidents can help protect the DanceSport community from potential fraud and uphold the standards set by KLDSA.

If you come across any event or initiative claiming affiliation with KLDSA without proper authorization, please do not hesitate to contact KLDSA through email at Your support in reporting such incidents will go a long way in ensuring the integrity of DanceSport in Kuala Lumpur.

Official Announcements via KLDSA's Social Media and Website

To ensure transparency and authenticity, KLDSA would like to emphasize that all official announcements regarding events and activities organized or sanctioned by KLDSA will be made through its official channels. This includes updates and notifications shared on KLDSA's Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as the KLDSA website.

We urge all DanceSport enthusiasts to follow KLDSA on these platforms to stay updated on legitimate events and activities. This will help you distinguish between authorized KLDSA events and unauthorized activities claiming association with the association.

To conclude, the Kuala Lumpur DanceSport Association is unwavering in its commitment to protecting the authenticity and integrity of DanceSport in Kuala Lumpur. Misuse of its name for unauthorized event organization is a grave concern, and KLDSA encourages the community to report any such instances promptly. By working together and staying informed through official channels, we can ensure that DanceSport in Kuala Lumpur continues to thrive with the utmost credibility and transparency. #wdsf


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