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The Dance of Legitimacy: Unveiling the MYDF's Authority

13 October 2023 | In the world of sports governance, it's often said that true supremacy lies in the hands of the decision-makers.

By the very words of the President of the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM), Tan Sri Mohamad Norza Zakaria, made it very clear that, "MDSB had lost its recognition from the world governing body, the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF)" (Malay Mail, 2022) and that, "This decision was taken after consultations with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM), WDSF, and the Office of the Malaysian Sports Commissioner" (Malay Mail, 2022).

In this declaration, it's was underlined that the ultimate authority in dancesport recognition rests with the IOC, WDSF, and the Malaysian Sports Commissioner.

Here, the dance of legitimacy unfolds its first steps, affirming MYDF's position as the legitimate representative of dancesport in Malaysia.

One need only visit the official website of the World Dancesport Federation (WDSF) which clarified that the Malaysia DanceSport Federation, abbreviated as MYDF, has held the status of a full member since April 3, 2012 (World DanceSport Federation, Details of WDSF member MYDF 2023). This official endorsement by WDSF, the global governing body for dancesport, shows MYDF's global recognition and commitment to dancesport on a worldwide scale. (Malaysia Dancesport Federation, 2023).

The Olympic Council of Malaysia's official website also confirms MYDF as the recognized representative of dancesport in the country. (Olympic Council of Malaysia, 2023).

In conclusion, legitimacy in dancesport isn't up for debate; it's about getting recognized. MYDF is the key to opening doors for Malaysian dancers to perform on the global stage with pride and authenticity.


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