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Finals in ADSF Asian Single Dance Samba in Bangkok

Chua & Evon get into Finals in the 2016 ADSF Asian Single Dance Samba in Bangkok. The ADSF Asian Single Dance comprises of 5 Dances from both Latin and Standard. Each Country is only allowed to send maximum 3 couples for both Latin and Standard. Each couple can only enter up to maximum 3 dances or events. Each dances only allow ONE couple from each representing country.

This allow the Asian DanceSport Federation to rank the Asian couples in the Asian region. This system replicates the Olympic Family Games such as SEA Games, Asian Indoor Games & Asian Games.

Chua & Evon came 6th in the Final, they are aiming to get into a better position in the next Asian Single Dance. "We are planning to improve our training methods as well as adopt certain training measurements to improve our Dance as well as results" said Chua.

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