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Malaysia Ministry of Education - MOE Allow KLDSA to Conduct DanceSport Training in ALl Schools

KLDSA is proudly to annouce that the Malaysia Ministry of Education (MOE) has granted KLDSA the approval and support to teach in all local Primary and Secondary school as an extra cocuricular activity.

What type of Dance Style Dancesport has to offer?

Latin American Ballroom/ Standard

- Samba ​- Waltz

- Cha Cha Cha - Tango

- Rumba - Viennese Waltz

- Paso Doble - Foxtrot

- Jive - Quickstep

What activities Dancesport can offer?

- Examination

Syllabus and modules introduced from

- Imperial Society of Teachers and Dance (ISTD) from UK

- World Dancesport Federation (WDSF) recognized and associated to International Olympic Committee (IOC)

- Competition

Students / athletes may join both local and international championships


Each students need to submit all entry forms (associated to WDSF) to KLDSA before closing date. KLDSA will then submit all entry forms to each respective national federation for further procedure.

***All competitor in the Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur MUST be a member of KLDSA to join all WDSF associated competitions.

- Performance

Each student can learn to perform and is encouraged to performa at least in each respective school's event to promoted Dancesport as well as helping the students to grow their performance skill, over coming their stage fright and to build their self confidence.


Who are the Instructors / Trainers?

All trainers / instructors are ISTD or WDSF or both qualified instructors. They must have both examination and competition experience up to Grade A level and competed in both local and international championships. This is to ensure the trainers have high quality of dance skills and have gone through strict training to be able to train the students to and produce good quality dancing.

How to be a KLDSA certified Instrcutor / Trainer?

- All instructor / trainer have to be a member of KLDSA or appointed by KLDSA certified dance schools/studio

- Must be ISTD professional Examination or WDSF Examination qualified.

- Must have competition experience in both local and international championships.

- Must have gone through KLDSA Trainers Course. At least once a year.


- Download KLDSA membership application form and email to We will contact you for an interview fore further procedure.

For more info, please contact Mr. Chua at 0109314189.

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