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News | A Gold Delivered by KLDSA Athletes in Hanoi!

3 November 2022 (Kuala Lumpur) | A total of 12 KLDSA athletes had represented our country to Thang Long International DanceSport Open Championships (TLOC) 2022, taken place in Hanoi, Vietnam on 23th October 2022. This championship was considered the first international championship for some of our athletes after the pandemic. Despite the pandemic, our athletes had performed their best and even managed to grab a gold. The 6 couples range from Junior, Youth to Adult category. KLDSA would like to congratulate our gold medal winner, Tan Yee Siang & Bernice Iu Weng Tong, for their wonderful performance as this was their first international competition as a couple. Our Junior, Youth and Adult couples had also done their best and delivered good results as below:

▪︎Tan Yee Siang & Bernice Iu Weng Tong: -TLOC Under 21 Open Latin: 1st Place -WDSF International Open Latin: 17th (Quarter Finalist)

▪︎Anson Phang Jun Keat & Cherry Yeo Xiao Wei: -TLOC Under 21 Open Latin: 9th Place -WDSF Youth Open Latin: 9th Place

▪︎Lee Gao Xiang and Zoe Tan Zi Wei: -WDSF International Open Standard: 17th Place (Quarter Finalist) -WDSF International Open Latin: 22nd-24th Place (Quarter Finalist) -WDSF Youth Open Latin: 4th Place -WDSF Youth Open Standard: 4th Place -TLOC Under 21 Open Latin: 4th Place

▪︎Ng Ze Yu and Yap Wan Xin: -TLOC Junior 2 Open Latin: 6th Place -TLOC Junior 2 Open Standard: 3rd Place -WDSF Youth Open Latin 10th place (Semi Finalist) -WDSF Youth Open Standard 6th Place -TLOC Under 21 Latin: 8th Place -TLOC Under 21 Standard 6th Place

▪︎Ooi Ken Vin & Ooi Bo Zuen: -WDSF International Open Latin: 22nd-24th Place (Quarter Finalist) -WDSF International Open Standard: 19th Place (Quarter Finalist) -WDSF World Youth Latin: 6th Place -WDSF World Youth Standard: 5th Place -TLOC Under 21 Open Latin: 7th Place -TLOC Under 21 Open Standard: 5th Place

▪︎Ooi Say Keat & Che Xin Nee: Wdsf International Open: 13th Place (Quarter Finalist) -TLOC Asian Super Star: 10th Place (Semi Finalist)

Once again, KDLSA would like to congratulate all the athletes and keep up the good work. We look forward for their upcoming performance!

(L to R): Yap Wan Xin, Ng Ze Yu, Zoe Tan Zi Wei, Lee Gao Xiang, Che Xin Nee, Ooi Say Keat, Cherry Yeo Xiao Wei, Anson Phang Jun Keat, Bernice Iu Weng Tong, Tan Yee Siang, Ooi Bo Zuen, Ooi Ken Vin.


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