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3 KLDSA Couples Attending Training and Competitions in Europe

From Left; Yap Chi Yew, Yap Chin Yee, Evon Chong, Chua Zjen Fong, Che XIn Nee, Chua Zjen Thak

6 KLDSA athletes lead by Mr. Chua and Ms Evon on 8 November 2016 to Paris, France to attend an intensive training before participating in the 2016 Saphir Cup in Paris, France. This is the first time ever KLDSA had sent a team of athletes to Europe for Competition.

Chua & Evon are the usual couples who participated in all other European Competitions despite the high cost. This is an eye opening as well as a start for the newer generations to expand their view and exposure in Europe.

After Paris, the group will then travel to Holland for another training and finish their last competition for this trip in Vienna, Austria. They will return to Malaysia on 24th November 2016.

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