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News | Malaysia Top Latin Couple in Brno Open 2017

Just a week after the Trofeo Colombo in Italy 1 week ago, the duo were just in Brno, Czech Republic for the 2017 WDSF Brno Open for their last competition before heading back to Kuala Lumpur.

Chua & Evon competed in the WDSF Rising Star Latin and the WDSF International Open Latin. Chua claimed to be sick just 2 days before the competition but managed to bring down the fever in the local hospital in Italy. In the Rising Star Latin, they both got 7th Place out of 41 couples which was a remarkable event despite Chua's condition after recovering from a high fever. It was a really close fight there they were just 1 place behind qualifying in the finals.

In the WDSF International Open Latin, they finished 26th out of 71 couples. They were 2 placings behind to qualify for the Quarter Finals (Top 24) in this round. Both events finished with a really close call but they were satisfied with their results despite having recovered from such conditions.

Follow their detailed results here:

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