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News | 2nd KLDSA Malaysia Open DanceSport Championship 2017 Successfully Organized by KLDSA

From Left: Mr. George Tan, Mr. John Chong, Mr. Chu Tan Duc, Mr. Robbin, Mr. Chua Kian Hong (Organizing Chairman), Cik Hapipah (MOE), Dato Zaiton (Sports Commissioner), Mr. Cees Boutkan, Ms. Ang Ai Nee, Ms. Sylvia Loo, Ms. Ivy Por, Ms. Vivien Chen, Mr. Peter Tan, Ms Camelia, Mr. Su Chii Leong, Ms. Lee Yin Ying, Ms. Anita

Kuala Lumpur - On 23rd Arpil 2017, the 2nd KLDSA Malaysia Open DanceSport Championship had been successfully organized by the Kuala Lumpur DanceSport Association - KLDSA and it's team. This is the 2nd year KLDSA had organized a National and Malaysia Open championship since 2016. This year, the event had grew in its size and improved in many areas such as venue, live streaming and the honourable guests.

The Opening March Pass parade by Athletes and Adjudicators

There were approximately 300 athletes that took part in this competition. Countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam & Singapore were also here. 4 foreign international WDSF licensed adjudcaitors were invited, they were Mr. Cees Boutkan (Netherlands), Ms. Ang Ai Nee (Singapore), Mr. Robbin Tanudibrata (Indonesia) and Mr Chu Tan Duc (Vietnam). Local adjudicators include Mr. George Tan (Johor), Ms. Sylvia Loo (Johor). Ms. Vivien Chen (Johor), Mr. John Chong (Sabah), Ms.Camelia Devi (Sabah), Mr. Su Chii Leong (Sarawak), Ms. Ivy Por (Selangor) and Ms. Lee Yin Ying (Selangor).

From Left: Mr. Chua Kian Hong (Organizing Chairman), Mr. Peter Tan, Dato Zaiton (Sports Commissioner), Lam Hong Woh & Lim Dao Er, Chua Zjen Fong & Evon Chong (National Champion), Tan Yee Chun & Tan Chee Min, Lee Yao Leong & Low Tzyy Yi, Chua Zjen Thak & Che Xin Nee, Roger Siew & Bernice Iu

The National Latin Defending Champion did again! Chua & Evon is now the 9 times National Undefeated Latin Champion since 2011. The duo had put up a remarkable performance that impressed the judges and audiences. Out of the 6 finalists, 5 were KLDSA athletes. KLDSA is proud to have 5 of it;s couples to dominate the National Latin Category.

From Left: Eejohn Chang & Grace, Edwin Teo & Kimberly Tan, Chua Zjen Thak & Che Xin Nee, Mr Chua Tan Duc (Vietnam)

In the Standard Category, the defending Champion is Mr Edwin Teo & Ms. Kimberly Tan from Johor. Chua Zjen Thak & Che Xin Nee competed in the National Standard Category for the first time came out 3rd. Their mark were closed with the 1st runner up - Eejohn & Grace.

From Left: Mr. George Tan, Mr.Peter Tan, Mr. Edwin Teo, Ms.Kimberly Tan, Tuan Haji (MOE), Dato Zaiton (Sports Commissioner), Cik Hapipah (MOE), Ms.Evon Chong, Mr. Chua Zjen Fong, Mr.Chua Kian Hong, Tengku Maziah

Dato Zaiton had praised the committee and KLDSA for a job well done and for the great effort put in to promote and the sport and country. Tuan Haji, the newly appointed Deputy Director of the Curricular and Arts Division from MOE were also present. "The committee and association had done a great job in promoting this sport into the schools and i hope this effort will continue to grow and improve in future" added Tuan Haji.

KLDSA is looking forward to the 3rd KLDSA Malaysia Open DanceSport Championship next year and is planning to invite more countries and local athletes to take part. This championship is open to all Malaysian athletes that are registered with a state body and is one of its kind that is all well documented and organized. A professional live stream broadcast were also introduced despite last year's youtube live broadcast via a smart phone. This year, the quality of the live stream on Facebook had great amount of compliments from the public as well as the VVIPs for promoting DanceSport.

Not forgetting the main sponsors, Mr. Peter Tan & Ms Vivien Chen from Bailando DanceSport Academy (Johor Bahru), Venue Sposor - Evovle Concept Mall@Ara Damansara for a magnificent venue and Eu Yan Sang for the Chicken Essense drink for the Evening event guests and VIPS.

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