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NEWS | Largest KLDSA Group to Train and Compete in Europe

(From Left): Lim Dao Er, Lam Hong Woh, Che Xin Nee, Chua Zjen Thak, Evon Chong, Chua Zjen Fong, Tan Chee Min, tan Yee Chun, Zara Eliza Binti Ghazie Yeoh, Tan Yee Siang, Ng Li Shyuan, Tan Jun Hao

Kuala Lumpur | This will be the largest group KLDSA has by far that has a total of 12 athletes involved. These 12 athletes will be competing and training with hard work and dedication in Europe. The athletes that will be leaving for Europe are (from the left) Lim Dao Er, Lam Hong Woh, Che Xin Nee, Chua Zjen Thak, Evon Chong, Chua Zjen Fong, Kelly Tan Chee Min, Danny Tan Yee Chun, Zara Eliza Binti Ghazie Yeoh, Benny Tan Yee Siang, Emily Ng Li Shyuan and Justin Tan Jun Hao.

The team will be spending 23 days in Europe together, in which their first destination will be in Bucharest, Romania. Romania is where the 2017 World Junior II Latin Championship will be commencing. The 4 KLDSA Junior II athletes competing in this event are Benny Tan, Zara Eliza, Justin Tan and Emily Ng.

These 12 athletes will also have the opportunity to train in Slovenia with the former World Latin Champion, Zoran Plohl and Tatsiana Lahvinovich Galchun. Chua Zjen Thak and Che Xin Nee who also compete as a standard couple will be having lessons under Alexey Galchun.

The team will then depart to Budrio, Italy to train with the current World Champion, Gabriele Goffredo and his partner Anna Matus. They will also have classes with one of the current World Latin Finalists, Andrey Gusev and his partner Vera Bondavera and the WDSF World Professional Standard Champion, Benedetto Ferruggia and his partner Claudia Koehler. This training holds great importance to our fellow athletes as it prepares them thoroughly before they compete in the World Championship in Vienna, Austria. The competition in Budrio will be as a 'warm up competition' prior to the one in Vienna.

The Malaysian Dancesport Federation have nominated the couples, Chua Zjen Fong, Evon Chong and Lam Hong Woh, Lim Dao Er to compete in the World Latin Championship in Vienna. The other 8 athletes will also compete in other events during the period of the competition.

This whole trip wouldn't have happened without the aid of our main sponsor KLDSA and Thriven. These sponsors helped the team by paying a partial amount for the flight tickets of the World Championship athletes and for the accommodation in Europe.

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