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Report | The 3rd Hanoi Open Dancesport Championship!

HANOI | KLDSA athletes compete in the 3rd Hanoi Open Dancesport Championship which was held at the Trinh Hoai Duc Sport Hall. The team consisted of 10 athletes and their coach/team leader Ms Evon Chong who supervised them throughout this trip. The team attained a total of 5 Gold medals, 4 Silver mdeals and 5 Bronze medals.

New dance couple Justin Tan Jun Hao with his partner, Emily Ng Li Shyuan recently paired up and went to compete in this competition. They did well and are aiming for the top 2 in the Junior II catergory in the upcoming national ranking at Johor Bahru to be able to go to Europe to train and compete in various competitions such as the World Junior II Open in Bucharest, Romania.

Emily Ng also achieved gold in all five of the junior solo events which were Samba, Cha cha, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive.

As for dance couple Jayson Tan Jun Hee and his partner Trixie Poon Yue Qing, they were partners before and are new faces in the KLDSA and will be competing WDSF sanction championships.

On the subject of new couples and faces in the KLDSA, dance couple Fong Jun Wei and partner, Daphnie Wong Sweet Yen have competed in two previous competitions before competing in this event which is also their first international competition together as a couple.

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