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NEWS | Meeting with Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports

From left: YB Steven Sim, John Fam, Chua Zjen Fong

Kuala Lumpur | Earlier today, our MYDF Deputy President Mr John Fam and KLDSA Deputy President Mr Chua Zjen Fong had an important meeting with the newly appointed Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports at the Parliament.

The meeting has been scheduled to discuss the future progress of DanceSport and the involvement of KBS in helping the Malaysia DanceSport Federation to grow and progress the sport as it should be. Several key agendas had been discussed and there will be more meetings coming up soon to follow up on some of the important issues.

The idea is to a fair and transparent federation that govern the sport which should also be monitored by the Ministry. The rules and regulations should be set properly to ensure that every party will be governed by it. Over the years, the DanceSport scene in Malaysia had been growing too slow many years ago. Recently, MYDF have produced several athletes that are actively training and competing in Europe currently producing results. Malaysian athletes are also qualifying themselves into the final round in several international competitions in Europe. This however is still not enough to bring Malaysia onto the International Stage.

The future meetings would be focusing on improving DanceSport in Malaysia and how the government can play a role in helping. Lets all not just hope what the country can do for us but think what can we do for our country.

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